Sable Wintergreen

It has been nearly 4 years since I saw the urgent request for a foster carer for little Sable Wintergreen. (rescued from Melton Pound by VicDRG). My two adolescent sons were sceptical about me ‘fostering’ another dog, given I was already a once failed foster carer ☹. However, I could not resist and would not be deterred and came to Sable’s rescue. It only took about a month before I had to admit she was not leaving.

She was initially timid and frightened and when out of her cage just ran as if her life depended on it. Overnight she became ‘besties’ with my other VDRG dog, the beautiful Duchess (deceased), became her shadow and felt safe in her company. She has settled down a lot and since losing Duchess, she has come into her own and is now much more confident and has decided our other dog Cola is her new bestie.

She is a little Gremlin really, lunging on the lead at other dogs, ducking her head and getting out of her harness to have a go at dogs double her size, being an over the top guard dog not being able to differentiate between friend and foe and growling and chasing the cat (also bigger than her) but, just have a look at her and that 'butter would not melt in your mouth' cute face. We just can't help to adore her.

She is a much loved member of our family and fits perfectly into our chaotic household.

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