Django (formerly Valentine)

Our little Django (formerly Valentine) has been with us now for nearly 3 years. He came to us at just 5 months old and a quiet a gentle little boy with a bad case of cherry eye. Not much has changed except the cherry eye! Vic dog rescue was not only amazing with coordinating and paying for his cherry eye surgery when we took me home, but then two weeks later his other eye got a bad case of cherry eye and Vic dog rescue took care of that as well. The care and attention they give to dogs their whole life is amazing.

Django is a quiet, gentle, loving and beautiful dog, his soul is beyond his three short years of living. His eyes look right into you and he shows unconditional love each day. His excitement when we get home even if we've just ducked to the shops for ten minutes or been in a different room of the house is amazing. He howls and makes gorgeous little noises, licking and cuddling us until he is happy that he's shown his love.

His owner is not us humans but his big pug sister Boston (who is 4). She established her place as the boss quite early on in the relationship which suits his ‘sit on the sidelines’ demeanour nicely. They love playing and when Django has had enough he will take to licking her face to calm the mood. He also has an amazing sense of people's mood. If we have anger or annoyance in our voice (like when our football team is losing) he calmly comes and sits on your lap and pats you with his paw to calm you down and make sure everything's ok. He really is one of a kind. Django doesn't like his boat rocked, he likes people that are familiar and an easy routine which is what he mostly gets. We take him and his bossy sister out into the big wide world on trips every few months and he really loves the beach. We are so lucky to have him.


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