Dogs For Adoption

  • Gill Harbottle

    Gill Harbottle

    Male Maltese x, DOB 20/4/09

    Please note: Gill is looking for an adult family to share his life with. Ideally he will have a doggy friend/friends as the company seems to make him more settled and give him confidence.
    Gill Harbottle has done it tough in the past but that sweet little boy has emerged who just wants his family to love him...

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  • Bella Lafferty

    Bella Lafferty is available for foster care and adoption

    Large Female Great Dane x Mastiff, DOB 16/10/14

    Bella is a gentle giant. There’s nothing she likes better than to just sit on the couch with you getting pats and rubs while both of you watch TV. Especially if there are dogs on the TV...

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  • Kimi Torsten

    Kimi Torsten

    Large Female Wolfhound x, DOB 9/11/12

    Kimi is the funniest character. Initially she was confused when coming into our care as she missed her previous person very much. But with lots of love and established trust she is showing signs of personality plus and has blossomed into a confident and affectionate dog...

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  • Geoffrey Merriville

    Geoffrey Merriville

    Small Male Jack Russell Terrier x Pomeranian, DOB 2012

    Geoffrey is an adorable little fellow, who despite having a difficult start to life, wants very badly to love and be loved. He thrives on company, whether it be other dogs or adult people, he wants to be around others, to share life's journey...

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  • Lilly and Lulu  Upton

    Lilly and Lulu Upton are not available - they are checking out their new home

    Small Female Maltese x, DOB Lilly 28/09/2008, Lulu 24/10/2006

    Sweet cuddlebugs Lulu (12 years) and Lilly (10 years) are a reluctant surrender due to the health of their beloved person who has shared their life since they were puppies. They are very bonded and will be rehomed together...

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  • Harley Wainwright

    Harley Wainwright is not available - he is checking out his new home

    Medium Male German Shepherd x, DOB 03/06/2016

    Say hello to Harley Wainwright – a delightful dog with an unmatched enthusiasm for chasing butterflies, playing and all the fun adventures that the world has to offer. If you need a lesson in living in the moment then Harley is the one for you...

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  • Casper Chesterton

    Casper Chesterton

    Small Male Pomeranian x Tibetan Spaniel, DOB 08/01/2010

    Casper loves his new life! He loves quiet walks and the opportunity to sniff all the interesting smells he has not experienced before. He loves to wander around the garden and lie in the sunshine with his dearly loved toys (we feel he had never been given any toys in the past, as he did not understand them when he joined us)...

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  • Zac and Ellie Farquhar

    Zac and Ellie Farquhar - available for foster care and adoption

    Zac male Maltese x Shih Tzug, Ellie female Maltese x Shih Tzu, DOB Zac 18/06/2007, Ellie 01/05/2008

    What a gorgeous duo - just like an old married couple. Zac is a big sweetie and isn't as outgoing as little Ellie but once he gets the opportunity to snuggle up with you he will get as close as possible...

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  • Marty Ihakara

    Marty Ihakara is not available - he is checking out his new home

    Small Male Jack Russell Terrier x, DOB 22/01/2007

    Marty is a great little dog. He would be ideal for an older person who is around most of the time. He follows you everywhere like a little shadow and is incredibly endearing...

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  • Misty Ihakara

    Misty Ihakara

    Female Jack Russell Terrier, DOB 04/06/2008

    Misty is 10 years old. Sadly she has had a few homes. This gorgeous girl is extremely friendly with people with lots of tail wagging and some jumping up. She is not as happy as she could be currently living in a high rise apartment...

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  • Jessie Jamieson

    Jessie Jamieson is currently available for foster care only

    Medium Female Border Collie x Kelpie, DOB 2.5 years approx.

    Jessie Jamieson is the most affectionate dog we have had in our care. She craves affection and when she puts her head on your lap and gazes up at you, who can resist her. She is very welcoming to anyone who shows interest in her...

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  • Ava Levesque

    Ava Levesque

    Medium Female Beagle x, DOB 28/2/14

    Ava is a beautiful girl who is very cuddly and affectionate – she just loves attention! Ava gets along well with the other two dogs she currently shares her home with. She will play with them but is also quite independent...

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  • Mustard McNamara

    Mustard McNamara

    Medium Male Staffy x, DOB 17/10/12

    Mustard is a handsome snuggle bug and the most loving companion anyone could ask for. He simply adores his humans and loves nothing more than cuddling up on the couch with you, He simply can’t get enough of being close to you...

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  • Bentley Kostas

    Bentley Kostas

    Large Male Bull Arab x, DOB 5/9/2012

    Bentley is one of the friendliest, affection and well mannered larger dogs we have had. Initially, he seems a little wary of men but settles quickly. He LOVES a cuddle and nuzzle in to your chest. He’s chilled and friendly in all public situations – the sort of dog you can take to pub garden or a sports match...

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  • Ella Kostas

    Ella Kostas is not available - she is checking out her new home

    Female Jack Russell Terrier x, DOB 3/5/11

    For that person who adopts Ella and understands her needs they will get all the love that she has withheld during her times of stress. Ella is looking for a very special home with someone who, above all, will put the time and effort into her that she deserves. She hasn’t had the easiest start to life...

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  • Vadar

    Vadar is available for foster care or adoption

    Male Rottweiler x, DOB 10/02/14

    Vadar like most Rotweillers, is graceful, powerful and majestic. In Vadar's case, he is also pretty darn friendly. Oops sometimes a bit too friendly...

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  • Hercules Quartermain

    Hercules Quartermain is not available - he is checking out his new home

    Small Male Chihuahua x, DOB 2/2/16

    Hercules is a cutie. And before we go any further we have to admit he probably prefers to be called Herky- he gets a bit embarrassed by his full name...

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  • Nina Quartermain

    Nina Quartermain is available for foster care and adoption

    Female Rottweiler, DOB 3/6/17

    Please note: Nina will be rehomed as an only dog.
    Meet Nina Quartermain – a beautiful love bug who delights in chilling with her people and soaking up love and snuggles. Although Nina enjoys relaxing she also loves her walks, is quite energetic and always up for new adventures...

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  • Suzi Quartermain

    Suzi Quartermain is not available - she is checking out her new home

    Female Kelpie, DOB 16/1/12

    Suzi Quartermain has found herself looking for a forever home. Things that make Suzi happy are tennis balls and the beach. Enjoying both at the same time make this precious girl’s day...

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  • Steppa Quartermain

    Steppa Quartermain

    Miniature Jack Russell Terrier, DOB 05/07/2011

    Steppa is a well-mannered gentleman who wants to be part of your life. His favourite place in the world is pressed up right against you on the couch, with his head on your leg, as you gently pat him. He may be called Steppa as he follows every step that you take...

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  • Jiggy and Chino Pickersgill

    Jiggy and Chino Pickersgill

    Female & Male Maltese x ShiTzu, DOB Jiggy 11/1/2004, Chino 25/6/06

    Chino and Jiggy are a darling pair who need to be kept together as they have a very special friendship...

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  • Zara Quartermain

    Zara Quartermain is not available - she is checking out her new home

    Female Border Collie, DOB 29/6/11

    Zara Quartermain is a beautiful soul who is keeping an eye out for a family who will shower her with love, cuddles and lots of attention. Zara is an anxious girl and at this time we think she will be best placed with someone with quite a lot of dog experience and the time and patience...

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  • Blaze Randolph

    Blaze Randolph

    Male Rottweiler x , DOB 14/3/13

    Looking for some awesome buddies? Keep reading to find out more!...

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  • Rilee Randolph

    Rilee Randolph

    Female Kelpie x, DOB 9/11/15

    Looking for an awesome buddy – or two? Keep reading to find out more...

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  • Peppa Randolph

    Peppa Randolph is checking out her new home – she will see if she likes the cat.

    Female Border Collie x Sheltie, DOB 9/2/19

    Fish gotta swim... Birds gotta fly... and me - well I’ve gotta practise cuddles and snuggles until I find my forever home with you! I’m Peppa – and I’m so full of love the peeps at Victorian Dog Rescue seem to think I’d make a great cuddle therapist...

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  • Rudy and Sky Skarsgard

    Rudy and Sky Skarsgard available for foster care or adoption

    Rudy, male Kelpie x / Sky, Female Koolie, DOB Rudy 31/08/13, Sky 10/07/13

    This pair are so bonded with each other they should not be separated. And they complement each other – Rudy is great with dogs but can be a little hesitant with people. Rudy does have some separation anxiety but is fine as long as Sky is with him...

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  • Stanley Skarsgard

    Stanley Skarsgard is not available - he is checking out his new home

    Male English Staffy, DOB 26/6/11

    Stanley Skarsgard is a very reluctant surrender. A real sweetheart that just loves you, with eyes that just melt your heart. He has lived with a smaller dog and had training when he was younger. He does have some separation anxiety so does appreciate company...

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  • Maggie Skarsgard

    Maggie Skarsgard

    Small Female Pug x, DOB 8/6/11

    Maggie is an 8 year old pugalier weighing 9 kgs. She is great with dogs and cats but is an energetic little girl who is not for someone looking for a dog just to cuddle. At the moment Maggie has no manners...

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  • Robert Randolph (AKA Bobby)

    Robert Randolph (AKA Bobby)

    Male Jack Russell Terrier x, DOB 4/11/03

    Bobby is a really chilled out boy who loves food and sleep. He doesn’t really like young children, they scare him. He would suit a quiet home with someone who will give him pats on their lap...

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  • Mitchell Skarsgard - currently on hold

    Mitchell Skarsgard - currently on hold

    Small Male Maltese x Poodle, DOB 24/01/2014

    Mitchell has come into our care after his beloved person sadly passed away. This beautiful boy sleeps a lot but does love a walk. Mitchell is used to being in the company of older people...

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  • Baggins Pickersgill

    Baggins Pickersgill

    Male Koolie x, DOB 13/7/13

    Legend has it that Baggins Pickersgill was originally raised to be a sheep farm working dog but was surrendered because he was too kind to the sheep. After that he was adopted by a groundsman who worked in parks and gardens where Baggins would run free most of the day...

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Check out our gallery with rescue dogs of all sizes and backgrounds. They all have two things in common: each was abandoned in one way or other, and each of them is longing for a forever home, a home where they are loved, feel safe and yes -  are spoiled. Can you give that to one of these gorgeous guys?

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.

It is our policy not to rehome dogs in the Sunraysia area. Please go to your local pound, or contact your local group. As rescue groups have transported thousands of homeless dogs from Mildura and Sunraysia Pounds in the last decade, we do not intend to send any back there.