Cats For Adoption

  • Jezebel


    Female Domestic Medium Hair, DOB 19/02/2014

    Meet gorgeous Jezebel – an affectionate girl and a charming social butterfly. Everywhere you are, Jezebel will be as she loves to share every moment she can with you. If you are a visitor to Jezebel’s home you will always be guaranteed a warm welcome...

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  • Samantha


    Female Domestic Medium Hair, DOB 8/03/2006

    Sam is a gentle soul who is looking for a loving home with a quiet and nurturing environment. She enjoys chin rubs and a good head massage...

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  • Jaele

    Jaele - a special needs girl

    Female Manx x, DOB 19/12/2015

    Jaele is a special needs girl. And what a little ray of sunshine she is! This adorable kitten is a curious explorer who will climb anything she can find...

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  • Julius


    Male Manx x, DOB 19/12/2015

    Julius is an absolute delight! He doesn’t just enjoy his human companions, he seeks them out and prefers to sleep with some kind of contact – either curling up next to your leg...

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  • Moscato

    Moscato is available for foster care or adoption

    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 14/01/2012

    Hello there, my name is Moscato. I am a lovely lady with a sweet little face and a cute pink nose and my foster carer tells me that I am pretty funny and a little bit cheeky at times...

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  • Somali

    Somali - Special Needs

    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 21/02/2017

    Somali is adorable. Although very shy when she first meets new people, once she is relaxed she is a delight. Somali is very affectionate and loves to have her tummy rubbed...

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  • Vegas


    Male Domestic Short Hair, DOB 28/10/17

    The words "intelligent" and "affectionate" begin to describe Vegas. Like most young cats, he enjoys his contemplation time on the window sill, playing with toys and hanging out with his sister, Viva...

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  • Viva


    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 28/10/17

    Gorgeous Viva is looking for a family to share her life's journey with her brother Vegas. Lively and inquisitive, Viva is always on the move, exploring or playing kitten games...

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  • Victor


    Male Domestic Short Hair, DOB 28/9/17

    Victor has grown into a very handsome, curious and affectionate boy. He loves to play, particularly chasing anything fluffy and bright, afterwards enjoying time sitting in a cosy bed near a window, checking out what the birds outside are up to...

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  • Vladimir


    Male Domestic Short Hair, DOB 28/9/17

    Hi, My name is Vladimir – and like that guy in Russia who has copied my name, I know what I want. I’m really smart and like to have a good chat when you’ve got some spare time. During the days, I love to lie in the sun, snooze and relax...

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  • Virginia


    Female Domestic Medium Hair, DOB 28/9/17

    Virginia is a sweet little kitten. She loves playing with her three brothers, but mostly loves human attention and she prefers this over the rough and tumble games the boys plays...

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  • Vaughan


    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 28/10/17

    Vaughan is a diva amongst young tabbies. She is intrepid and bold, really gets into her ear rubs, absolutely loves to explore and has the quirkiest habit of poking her head out from her hiding spots, just to keep an eye on things...

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  • Ventura


    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 28/10/17

    Ventura has matured into a lovely, young cat. She is friendly, affectionate and fun. She enjoys to run and jump and is up for any new adventure. In fact, she is so busy, on the move, that she barely has time to stop...

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  • Venice


    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 28/10/17

    Venice is just lovely. Having her rest her head on on your lap, closing her eyes and purring contentedly cannot fail to remind you of a hug from a sleepy toddler or those happy moments when you were younger, sitting on your grandmother's lap...

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  • Verona


    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 28/10/17

    Verona is a beautiful, young, tabby cat with a gorgeous golden tinge through her coat. She is quiet and reserved and you will often find her lounging in a room, surveying everything...

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  • Ainsley Grey

    Ainsley Grey

    Female Domestic Medium Hair, DOB 28/11/2017

    Ainsley is looking for a home to share with her adored sibling Antonia. In these two cats you have a lap cat (Ainsley) and a playful little kitten (Antonia). They’re a perfect pair...

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  • Antonia Grey

    Antonia Grey

    Female Domestic Medium Hair, DOB 28/11/2017

    Antonia is a stunning kitten who would love to be rehomed with Ainsley as they have developed a beautiful bond. They’re a perfect pair, they’re incredibly cute and they’re a dream catch...

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  • Ashley


    Male Domestic Short Hair, DOB 31/12/17

    Ashley has been with Victorian Dog Recuse since he was a kitten and has grown into a very handsome young cat. He is an active boy who loves to play and is content finding his own fun...

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  • Veronica


    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 6/10/16

    Veronica is a beautiful cat searching for her forever home. She is a happy indoor cat that delights in attention. Being a young cat she still has a playful streak and can keep herself occupied with toys if you are busy but would love it if you could join her too...

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  • Meriville Black

    Meriville Black - available for foster care or adoption

    Male Domestic Short Hair, DOB 20/1/18

    Meriville Black is a stunning boy who charms all who are graced by his presence. He came into our care after being abandoned by his people as a kitten but this cute boy has made some amazing progress....

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  • Ellaria

    Ellaria is available for foster care or adoption

    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 19/07/2017

    Elliara is a curious and playful cat who is everything you expect a cat to be. She is athletic, opinionated, entertaining, affectionate and very good looking. She thinks everything is a game and is keen to initiate play with her foster carers...

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  • Bronwen


    Female Domestic Short Hair Cat, DOB 21/04/2018

    Bronwen is calm and placid creature with a sweet nature. She has settled in beautifully with her foster cat siblings and is adjusting to the company of her carers. She is a little shy but plenty of TLC is seeing her gain trust...

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  • Briannah


    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 21/04/2018

    Brianna has oodles of love to give. When her foster carer sits down she head bumps her affectionately and snuggles closely under her chin. If you stop patting her she will nibble your finger gently to remind you to continue. This beautiful girl just loves to give and receive love...

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  • Wallis


    Female Domestic Short Hair Cat, DOB 30/01/2018

    Wallis is a real sweetheart. She was a good mum to her two kittens but is happy now that they are grown up and adopted. Wallis is most likely to be shy initially but once you have established a trusted bond she warms to her people ...

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  • Leo Del Rio

    Leo Del Rio

    Male Domestic Short Hair, DOB 14/11/2018

    Gr-ra-row! I'm Leo the Lion. I might look like a little fluff ball but I'm a tough guy! I'm brave, I'm bold, I'm an explorer and oh... my... gosh do I love sparkly pom pom balls...

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  • Spiro Del Rio

    Spiro Del Rio

    Male Domestic Short Hair, DOB 14/11/2018

    What was that flash of lightning? Why it's Super Kitten, Spiro. I'm a superhero. I must be, did you ever see a regular kitten wearing a mask? I'm brave and bold and adventurous...

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  • Picasso Earnshaw

    Picasso Earnshaw

    Male Domestic Short Hair, DOB 6/12/2018

    Picasso is full of fun loving energy! He is a ball of fun, loves to run around and play! Picasso loves his human play time but will never pull out his claws, he is surprisingly very gentle...

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  • Penelope Earnshaw

    Penelope Earnshaw

    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 17/03/2018

    Penelope has been the most wonderful mother of four adorable kittens. She is loving, kind and very trusting. She attended to her babies, cleaning and feeding them and teaching them everything they needed to know to become big cats...

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  • Kiki Breckenridge

    Kiki Breckenridge

    Male Domestic Short Hair, DOB 25/11/2018

    Well hello there! I'm Kiki Breckenridge, AKA, Mr. Busy Body, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Curious, Mr. Not For You Kiki and all round cutie pie! I move with stealth under my beautiful, black, sleek coat - like a cat burglar creeping through the night...

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  • Ginny Breckenridge

    Ginny Breckenridge

    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 25/11/2018

    I may be half the size of my brothers but I give twice the love! If you're looking for a stylish red-head to keep you warm on the couch, then look no further because I'm queen of couch snuggles...

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  • Boy George Breckenridge

    Boy George Breckenridge

    Male Domestic Short Hair, DOB 25/11/2018

    Boy George Breckenridge is adorable. This precious boy is funny, outgoing, brave and adventurous. He loves everybody and enjoys playing with the dog he currently shares his foster home with...

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  • Gideon Zolly

    Gideon Zolly

    Male Domestic Short Hair, DOB 24/12/18

    Gideon is an independent and outgoing boy. He delights in a bit of rough and tumble with his siblings and is a delight to watch in action...

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  • Gracie Zolly

    Gracie Zolly

    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 24/12/18

    Gracie is an adventurous soul. She is always on the lookout for a new challenge and is often the first of her siblings to try something new. Gracie adores her humans ...

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  • Hermione


    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 28/11/2018

    Hermione is a delightful kitten who is curious and playful. She is super affectionate and loves chin tickles and pats and is happy to be picked up and cuddled. She does try to escape your affections reasonably quickly though as she loves nothing more than to play...

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  • Hyacinth


    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 21/08/2017

    Hyacinth is a super affectionate girl with the sweetest personality. She just loves pats, scratches under the chin and seeks human affection wherever she possibly can. This gorgeous girl is great with other cats...

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  • Heidi


    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 21/02/18

    Heidi simply loves people. Her foster carer says she is the most affectionate cat she has known. Heidi is a very chatty cat and will call out for her carer’s attention. She loves to be cuddled and cannot get close enough to her person...

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  • Hadara


    Male Domestic Short Hair , DOB 21/2/18

    Hadara is such a sweetie – a gorgeous, gentle boy; fun loving and affectionate. Now that he is well settled in his foster home and over his rough start to life, Hadara has shown himself to have the sweetest nature. He is not shy, just gentle...

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  • Toby Kostas

    Toby Kostas

    Male Domestic Short Hair, DOB 26/08/2013

    Toby is a stunning boy and a reluctant surrender. This chilled out boy is independent and quite happy in his own company. He gets along well with the dog he currently shares his home with...

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  • Lottie


    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 19/10/18

    Lottie is a curious and sweet kitten who loves to follow her humans around. She can sometimes be intimidated but her natural curiosity and determination always wins out. She purrs constantly...

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  • Leonardo


    Male Domestic Short Hair, DOB 19/10/2018

    Leonardo puts up a proud and noble disposition, but he loves a cuddle and is the quiet protector of his little sister Lottie. He's a little bigger than Lottie and doesn't purr as often as his sister but he loves attention...

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  • Marius McNamara

    Marius McNamara

    Male Domestic Short Hair Cat, DOB 5 years 3 months

    Marius is super friendly, social-able, and lovable, but does getting a little shy around loud noises. When thunder is heard, Marius may be spotted under your bed. When there's no loud noises, he will be soaking up your love and attention...

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  • Marty McNamara

    Marty McNamara

    Male Domestic Short Hair , DOB 27/12/18

    Marty McNamara is a playful young cat. He also has a sweet side and can be a little sensitive so is probably better in an adult home or one with teenage children. He loves to play and can often be found pouncing, playing and...

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  • Mickey McNamara

    Mickey McNamara

    Male Domestic Short, DOB 24/10/1

    Mickey is a stunning black cat that thrives on attention. He loves affection and isn’t shy about pushing in front of his foster brothers to get it. He wants love from everyone and will happily rub is face against yours...

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  • Kitty McNamara

    Kitty McNamara

    Female Domestic Short, DOB 23/05/18

    Kitty McNamara is a friendly young cat looking for her perfect match. She has gorgeous tabby markings and an easy going disposition. She is quick to purr and adores human attention...

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Check out our gallery with rescue cats of all sizes and backgrounds. They all have two things in common: each was abandoned in one way or other, and each of them is longing for a forever home, a home where they are loved, feel safe and yes -  are spoiled. Can you give that to one of these gorgeous guys?

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.